EP029: Elena Lipson, goddess of self-care, on truly loving yourself

October 8, 2018

Elena Lipson was my first ever self-love mentor. In fact, she is THE Divine Self-Care Mentor, and I credit her and my previous guest Leslie Potter with helping me out of “martyr mama” mode and into grace and spaciousness.

Elena is my first guest in this month of focus on self-love. In today’s  conversation we talk about mindful choices, how Elena’s experiences with auto-immune disease led her to explore deep self-care as a path to healing, how she used the positive side of curiosity to imagine a completely different way of living, the BIG decision to homeschool her son and why that helped her grown and evolve personally and profesionally, and so SO so much more.

For more information and to find the links we mention in the podcast, head to: http://thecenteredmamaproject.com/podcast/ep028-elena-lipson/


EP028: Heather Dawson on surprises in your genes, BIG decisions and making the most of life

September 24, 2018

Heather Dawson is a warrior goddess whose warmth, kindness and optimism always light up even the darkest of situations. Good thing, too, because life's thrown her some doozies...

When we were just finishing university together, Heather lost her mum to breast cancer, then struggled through miscarriage after miscarriage (7 to be exact) before her first son was born, and another 8 miscarriages before her youngest made his miraculous appearance. Yep, that's 15 miscarriages. Enough to make anyone lose hope.

Not long ago, Heather found out that she carried a gene that made it very unlikely she'd live to see her boys become men. So she took action, undergoing a double mastectomy and reconstruction, followed by a hysterectomy. She's committed to sticking around, and I know she will.

This lady is one amazing soul. She's navigated grief, loss and uncertainty like no one I've ever seen, and she's one of the happiest, most positive people I know. Cozy up with a cup of tea and enjoy this interview.

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EP027: Sharlene Lopez on identity, racism and otherisation in the midst of motherhood

September 17, 2018

We have four nationalities in our family, and it often makes for interesting conversations when people ask "where are you from?" Today's guest has four nationalities wrapped up in her one being, and earlier this month she decided to step into one of her nationalities more fully.

Sharlene Lopez was born to a Scottish mother of Irish descent and an Iraqui father, adopted by a loving British family and educated in Catholic private schools. To say she's the nexus of many influences doesn't begin to cover it. Living in the British countryside with her Argentine husband and two boys, Sharlene has often felt a bit "other" in her village.

Troubled by the racism she's always seen in British society and feeling the plight of immigrants to her country, Sharlene recently decided to explore that "otherness" by, as she puts it, "trying on" one of her identities. She chose to embrace her Iraqui heritage and live for a month as an immigrant Iraqui muslim woman. She learned to wear a hijab and abaya and has been experiencing life very differently as she runs her business, parents her kids and shows up in her relationship and her community.

Listen to today's episode and be sure to join Sharlene and I in The Centered Mama Project's Facebook group to join the conversation after the episode. It's sure to get you thinking. 


EP026: Anna Saucier on infertility, guilt and the power of sisterhood

September 14, 2018

You know how sometimes you meet someone and they just zoom into your heart? That's what happened the day I met Anna Saucier with her sweet baby girl strapped to her chest. The two of them were an oasis of deliciousness in a sea of friendly but decidedly adult people.

Anna and I got talking about her bumpy journey through infertility to motherhood, the realities of being mama to two small humans under the age of three, and what exhaustion does to your brain.

Basically we were instant sisters. When Anna agreed to be my guest for today's episode of MamaFuel: The Podcast I was delighted. Not least because I know at least one mama out there listening will be struggling or will have struggled with infertility. If that's you, I'm sending you so much love. And hope in the form of Anna and another guest I'll have on in a couple of weeks.

In today's (long but juicy) episode, @orchidfertilitywellness and talk about how to talk to couples living through infertility, the power of real talk and the importance of women being in tune with each other.

For more information and to find Anna, visit http://thecenteredmamaproject.com/podcast/ep026annasaucier/


EP025: Laura Powner on anxiety and living courageously from the heart (instead of the “shoulds”)

September 10, 2018

Laura Powner is a powerhouse. Early in her adult life she ticked all the boxes of "success" as it's set out for so many of us. But it's her journey to becoming the woman she is today -- a woman who now listens to her body, her soul and her longings and lets THOSE guide her decisions -- that is the fascinating nugget at the core of today's conversation. 

We meander from career to motherhood, through valleys of panic to stretching our boundaries before we land at the heart of how Laura now leads her life: from her inner knowing, from her heart, from her soul.

To find out more about our conversation, visit http://thecenteredmamaproject.com/podcast/laurapowner/ 


EP024: One time this summer… reconnecting after a long summer break

September 7, 2018

Welcome to September, beauty! This summer was one of escaping to North America, pondering what "home" really means, and reconnecting with family and with my own JOY.

It was awesome. And long. Too long away from our beds. How was yours? Were you vagabonding or enjoying a staycation?

In today's episode, recorded alongside a river, I catch you up on what's been going on over the summer, talk about the importance of us taking time for ourselves and tell you the story of the carrot at the end of my summer. 

I'll be posting links to the podcast I mention in the recording AND the link to join the Village in your pocket (as yet nameless) over on the web site, but it's not ready yet... but I've wanted to reconnect with you, so here's today's episode. Make sure you head to www.thecenteredmamaproject.com/facebook and let me know if you'd like to join us!


EP023: Amy McLaren’s inspiring story of travel, love, learning and changing lives on a huge scale

August 6, 2018

Ready to have your mind blown by what's possible when you've got a vision and are open to watching it grow? Meet Amy McLaren, a super-inspiring, whole-hearted woman whose passion for travel and teaching led her to create a charity that's since built dozens of schools for displaced children in Kenya. 

Amy is mama to two beautiful children, one of whom she and her husband adopted from South Africa. In the midst of her active life with a booming business, a growing charity and a house full of humans and fur, she keeps sight of what lights her up: travel and giving back.

In this episode we talk about the importance of keeping your passions alive as a parent, the incredible lessons we can all learn from Kenyan village life, and I slip in two MAJOR announcements for you, so make sure you listen right to the end. 

Want more info? Check out the full show notes at  http://thecenteredmamaproject.com/podcast/ep023-amy-mclaren/


EP022: Karen Quinn on going from deep post-natal depression to an empty nest in the blink of an eye

July 31, 2018

I'm excited to share this conversation with you, because it's a heart-to-heart with my dear friend Karen Quinn. She's an artist, a healer and mama to two fully grown men... who in the blink of an eye went from fully-engrossed mama to a premie baby to suddenly finding herself (more than two decades later) in an empty nest with lots of time to rediscover what makes her light up.

And boy oh boy, has she succeeded in figuring it out! In this episode we talk about our shared terror that someone would take our babies away if we admitted how awful we were feeling (post-natal depression is not fun), how Karen figured out that giving up everything about herself outside of a motherhood role was NOT the path to joy, and what she's doing about it now that lights her up every single day. 

For more on our conversation and to learn about this inspiring lady, visit http://thecenteredmamaproject.com/podcast/ep022karenquinn/


EP021: Laura Husson on how following intuition and trust make for an amazing life

July 23, 2018

Laura Husson is a woman who lives life according to what makes the most sense in her gut. She follows her intuition and her inner knowing like no one I've ever known. Laura's followed her deep inner knowing even when it didn't make sense, over and over in her personal life and in her business. The results are amazing.

Laura is genius at creating and protecting SPACE for inspiration to flow and opportunities to arrive. She's a beautiful mama, a supportive friend and a wise soul who's figured out the magic of creating space, trusting in the Universe and allowing goodness to flow. 

For more information, visit: http://thecenteredmamaproject.com/podcast/ep021laurahusson/


EP020: Whew, that was fast!

July 16, 2018

This podcast was a dream for months, and suddenly here we are with 20 published episodes, listeners all over the world and amazing feedback that these conversations really are reaching your hearts. I couldn't be happier, so to celebrate I've done something absolutely terrifying: a solo show. 

Just me, sharing the what, why and how of MamaFuel, telling you what's in my heart and hoping it reaches yours. Thanks for listening, lovely. Here's to 20 more!