EP041: Hannah Hardy-Jones on post-natal mental illness, celebrating wellness and new beginnings

March 25, 2019

Hannah Hardy-Jones could be a stranger in a far-off land, but instead she's a brand new soul sister. Our digital paths crossed somewhere on the interwebs a few months ago and a gentle conversation began, quickly deepening as we discovered shared values and interests. 

Our first conversation, recorded to share with you, felt more like one in a long string of conversations than a simple beginning. I'm deeply moved by Hannah and touched by her openness about her experiences with post-natal bi-polar disorder. 

Hannah's generous sharing about her life-altering experience and how she manages it now invites us all to look closely at preconceptions or stigmas we may hold about mental illness. We move from trauma in the community (Hannah lives just outside Christchurch and we recorded this conversation a week after the horrific massacre of innocent Muslims in their places of worship), to the importance of sisterhood and support, especially in times of illness, and finally to Hannah's newest baby: an offering that's making the world a better, kinder place for mothers. 

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EP040: Debbi Carberry on self-acceptance, self-compassion and the value of building resilience

March 20, 2019

This week's guest is a force of nature, a leader and a wise, wise woman. Debbi Carberry is a therapist, a clinical social worker, possibly Brené Brown's twin, a mama of four, owner and leader of five businesses, loving partner, friend, and so much more. 

Debbi and I go deep straight away, talking about shame, self-acceptance, self-compassion, kindness and building individual relationships with each person we love. As our conversation weaves from love to self-criticism, via the power and impact of silent genetic messages that are passed from generation to generation, we exchange our experiences as mothers, leaders and women doing our best, every day. 

To find out more about this conversation, visit https://thecenteredmamaproject.com/podcast/ep040-debbi-carberry/

EP039: Sally Wyatt on the benefits of living outside your comfort zone, celebrating failure and adjusting to life abroad

March 11, 2019

A few months ago I was awe-struck, watching magic in motion. The woman who orchestrated this particular piece of real-life magic is my guest on this week's episode of MamaFuel. Sally Wyatt is an adventurer, a kind, energetic and intelligent woman who happens to be a mama to two tiny human girls, a writer, a dreamer and a courageous soul who spends a lot of time outside her comfort zone.

Sally moved to Switzerland less than a year ago (at time of recording) and has already built up a deep network of close friends and soul sisters through a H-U-G-E leap of faith she took late last year. Her willingness to make things happen and to find ways of making things work is inspiring me, and I know it'll inspire you too. 

In this week's episode we talk about the benefits of living outside your comfort zone (where Sally is happiest), finding your way back to yourself in the midst of mothering and all the things life throws at you, life as an expat, how moments of change and failure remind you that you're alive, why teaching kids that failure is a natural part of life sets them up for success in life, what it's like to be part of the volunteer team creating a massive event for TEDxLausanneWomen, and so much more. 

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EP038: Musings and passions of an 11 year-old with her mama (meet my daughter, Carolina)

February 28, 2019

This week I'm proud to introduce you to the little being who made me a mama. Her name is Carolina, and she's an incredibly special soul, a super smart girl and a wonderful, complicated, being. We're pressing into the preteen years and today's conversation, as well as being a time capsule of where she's at and how she's thinking, is probably representative of the concerns and priorities shared by a lot of kids her age. 

We talk about dyslexia, what it was like to be undiagnosed and struggling at school, how it felt to get help with her dyslexia, bullying, big transitions and getting used to new circumstances. Carolina shares her thoughts on what parents can do if they think their kids are struggling with dyslexia or any other learning differences, what she thinks about some new guidelines we've just agreed and you'll get a front seat for a MASSIVE event that happened on the day of recording.

It's an unusual and sometimes funny episode which I've left totally unedited, because that's how we roll. I adore my girl, I'm privileged to be her mama and I can't wait for every single day we spend together. She blows my mind every day and I'm happy to share a little of our bond with you.

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EP037: Celia Ward-Wallace on raising activists, upstanders (not bystanders), and building community in her neighbourhood and around the world.

February 13, 2019

OOOOOhhhhhh my goodness this week's podcast episode is good...

Meet Celia Ward-Wallace. She's an activist, a community building and organiser, a powerhouse entrepreneur, a gatherer of beautiful souls and a mama to two beautiful black girls growing up in South Central Los Angeles.

Along with her husband, Celia is raising two upstanding citizens who are already making a difference in our world. In this week's conversation, Celia and I touch on racial discrimination, what it's like to be growing up black in today's America, activism and the role it played both in her upbringing and how it continues to impact her life now, spirituality, white privilege and how to educate ourselves about it, and so much more.

I could spend ages writing about this conversation but honestly: LISTEN. Then SHARE. We need to be having these (sometimes uncomfortable) conversations. 

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EP036: Glyniss Trinder on running away to find herself

February 5, 2019

Today's guest once did what so many mamas occasionally dream of doing: she stepped away from everyone and everything and went in search of herself. She said yes to her needs and her life, and in doing so gave everyone in her family permission to do the same. How? By leaving home for longer than she believed was possible.  

In her search for solitude, Glyniss found what she'd needed the most: how to remember and reconnect to who she was. This week's conversation centers around Glyniss' brave decision to (temporarily) walk away from the family she'd built with her whole heart and soul. Glyniss explains how she totally lost her identity in striving to be more Walton-ish than Mrs Walton herself, and the dramatic steps she took to save herself. 

I won't spoil it all for you by describing what came next, so dive in and share this episode with ALLLL mamas, no matter where they are on the journey. Even if they're mamas-to-be, share this. I wish I'd heard some of the wisdom that Glyniss drops during our conversation before I headed down the rabbit hole of "perfect mothering" -- an unachievable goal if ever there was one. I can't wait to hear what you think of Glyniss' story and her reminder that "when you light yourself up, you're living for and on your purpose," so head to our free Facebook group to tell me what you thought.

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To find out more about Glyniss, head to www.glynisstrinder.com

EP035: Julie Neale on living your EPIC life, podcast babies, activism and the importance of community

January 30, 2019

OOOOhhh am I excited to share THIS ONE! My guest this week is Julie Neale, founder of the amazing Mother’s Quest podcast, coach and mama of two exceptional and amazing boys. She’s a sparkling soul whose podcast gave me the courage to start hosting these MamaFuel conversations.

Julie and I cover a lot of ground, from raising differently-wired kids to discovering your strengths and the support you have in community. I turn the tables on Julie and ask her to walk us through the ways she's living her E.P.I.C. life, sparked to the max with joy and delight at leading other mothers in discovering their version of epic living. You'll want a pen and paper to note down each of the guideposts Julie talks about!

Later in the interview Julie speaks spoke movingly about her interview with Sybrina Fulton, whose son Trayvon died as a result of racial profiling and gun violence. Julie and her community are supporting Sybrina’s incredibly important initiative “Circle of Mothers” which allows mothers who have lost their children to gun violence to gather and heal in community. I'd like to help and will be contributing to the fundraising campaign.

If you’d like to join us in helping to send more mothers to Sybrina’s retreat, click this link: www.mothersquest.com/circleofmothers. Every contribution helps. Julie’s hoping that her community will be able to raise $15,000 and they’re two-thirds of the way there. I’d love our community to help her get to her goal.

Here's where you can hear Julie’s conversation with Sybrina Fulton and to find out more about their fundraising activities: http://mothersquest.com/ep55-sybrinafulton/

For full show notes and links to everything we talked about during our conversation, head to https://thecenteredmamaproject.com/podcast/ep035julieneale/

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EP034: Ann Sheybani on the delights of an empty nest, the importance of risk and how you can’t prevent your kids from suffering

January 14, 2019

Life has many seasons, and this week’s guest is ROCKIN’ her current season in life and loving her empty nest. Ann Sheybani is revelling in the time she now has to live life entirely on her terms, engrossed in what thrills her and setting off on countless adventures.

I loved our conversation about love and worry (spoiler alert: it’s not the same thing), how you can have it all, but NOT all at the same time. My favourite quote? “This superwoman thing is CRAP!” because we end up like we’re falling short all the time. Not good and so true.

When her children were young, Ann tried to shield her children from suffering as their father fell ill and eventually died. That’s when she learned the hardest lesson of all for a mother “you can’t save your kids from pain and suffering. You can’t control everything. The guilt and worry is totally a waste of energy and time. Do your best, trust that you’re doing your damndest, and give it up to god or whatever.”

Words to live by.

We meander through the quickest way to destroy a marriage and detour over to risk and its benefits for our kids before landing on some real nuggets of advice. Make sure you listen right to the end, because Ann’s wisdom is so, so valuable.

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EP033: On pivots, excitement and fear moving into 2019

January 11, 2019

It's a new year with its fresh-scented promise of great things to come. Whatever your ambitions this year, my wish for us all is kindness, gentleness, success, heaps of fun and wickedly delightful adventure.

In today's episode I'm doing something scary: I'm telling you what's about to switch around here and why. It's all about belonging, sisterhood and why it matters so damned much to have a group of trustworthy, supportive women who have your back through thick and thin.

Today's episode marks a pivot for this podcast, a pivot for my business and the beginning of a massive flourishing for the MamaFuel Sisterhood community. 

I can't wait to hear what you think and what your experiences of sisterhood have been. If you haven't yet, make sure you join our free Virtual Village by clicking here so you can join the conversation. And if you'd like me to tell you about the Sisterhood when it opens again, then drop me a line at anne@mamafuel.me and I'll keep you posted. Huge love, pivots and all. 

EP032: Dr Stephania Sciamano on radically evolving the feminine & attracting what you desire

December 31, 2018

Today’s conversation is being published a week later than planned because I decided to take a REAL break. From the Internet, from work, from everything. But I’ve stepped back into the digital world to share with you a juicy and thought-provoking interview to carry us into the new year.

Dr Stephania Sciamano is a healer, a naturopathic doctor, a shaman, a mother and one hell of a perspicacious woman who talks straight about our relationship with money, wealth and receiving being a direct result of how we care for and think of ourselves.

In this wide-ranging conversation Stephania and I talk about radically evolving the feminine AND the masculine to create a beautiful dance within ourselves and with the Divine. She shares how her path from pre-med student to shaman was anything but straight, what radical evolution looks like in her daily life and how we can radically evolve ourselves.

If talking soul, energy and trust is your jam, buckle up… this conversation is packed with gems about listening to the whispers of your soul, rebuilding your connection with the Divine and achieving a magical union between your inner feminine and masculine.

Stephania talks about something she frequently sees in women: our separation from the Divine and our belief that we’re not worthy to receive. I was hooked by her explanation of how she’s seen countless women find their way back to Source, union, wealth and easeful joy once they become aware of their unconscious willingness to be separate and heal that at its core. I’ll have some of that. How about you?

If you draw nothing else from this episode, remember this: once you create space and become in full approval of yourself, THEN (and only then) you begin to radically evolve your feminine, and you can reconnect with your healthy feminine and masculine incredibly strongly.

I suspect we’ll be back with a sequel to this conversation, but for now if you’d like to find out more about Stephania, check out her web site here and join her on Facebook here.

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