MamaFuel: The Podcast

EP022: Karen Quinn on going from deep post-natal depression to an empty nest in the blink of an eye

July 31, 2018

I'm excited to share this conversation with you, because it's a heart-to-heart with my dear friend Karen Quinn. She's an artist, a healer and mama to two fully grown men... who in the blink of an eye went from fully-engrossed mama to a premie baby to suddenly finding herself (more than two decades later) in an empty nest with lots of time to rediscover what makes her light up.

And boy oh boy, has she succeeded in figuring it out! In this episode we talk about our shared terror that someone would take our babies away if we admitted how awful we were feeling (post-natal depression is not fun), how Karen figured out that giving up everything about herself outside of a motherhood role was NOT the path to joy, and what she's doing about it now that lights her up every single day. 

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