MamaFuel: The Podcast

EP023: Amy McLaren’s inspiring story of travel, love, learning and changing lives on a huge scale

August 6, 2018

Ready to have your mind blown by what's possible when you've got a vision and are open to watching it grow? Meet Amy McLaren, a super-inspiring, whole-hearted woman whose passion for travel and teaching led her to create a charity that's since built dozens of schools for displaced children in Kenya. 

Amy is mama to two beautiful children, one of whom she and her husband adopted from South Africa. In the midst of her active life with a booming business, a growing charity and a house full of humans and fur, she keeps sight of what lights her up: travel and giving back.

In this episode we talk about the importance of keeping your passions alive as a parent, the incredible lessons we can all learn from Kenyan village life, and I slip in two MAJOR announcements for you, so make sure you listen right to the end. 

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