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EP037: Celia Ward-Wallace on raising activists, upstanders (not bystanders), and building community in her neighbourhood and around the world.

February 13, 2019

OOOOOhhhhhh my goodness this week's podcast episode is good...

Meet Celia Ward-Wallace. She's an activist, a community building and organiser, a powerhouse entrepreneur, a gatherer of beautiful souls and a mama to two beautiful black girls growing up in South Central Los Angeles.

Along with her husband, Celia is raising two upstanding citizens who are already making a difference in our world. In this week's conversation, Celia and I touch on racial discrimination, what it's like to be growing up black in today's America, activism and the role it played both in her upbringing and how it continues to impact her life now, spirituality, white privilege and how to educate ourselves about it, and so much more.

I could spend ages writing about this conversation but honestly: LISTEN. Then SHARE. We need to be having these (sometimes uncomfortable) conversations. 

If you'd like to connect with Celia, get a list of her recommended reading or learn more about her work in the world, click here to get everything you need. 

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