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EP065: Christa Couture on navigating the messy middle as a cyborg, mama and artist

March 27, 2020

Before I tell you anything, let me say this: today's conversation with Christa Couture will move you. Take time. Listen closely. Of the nearly 70 episodes in MamaFuel, all of which I've loved, THIS is the one. THIS is the conversation I'd urge you to listen to again and again.

Not only because it's not every day you can listen to a cancer survivor cyborg amputee chanteuse mama of three (as she says "two have died and one is here") mixed indigenous Cree Scandinavian queer radio host non-fiction author and singer-songwriter.

Not only that.

But also because Christa is a sensitive, generous, warm, kind and thoughtful woman whose intelligence and talent seep through everything she creates, including this conversation. 

Given the name "Singing Woman" as a child, Christa weaves and shares stories about grief, loss and life as she processes how life is unfolding.

I loved hearing how, at time of recording, Christa was reworking her narrative around Christmas, making space for both grief for her absent sons and delight for her vivacious and very present daughter. 

I appreciated learning more about the importance of representation and how critical it is for us to share and talk about our differences. When Christa decided to showcase her "cyborg" limb in its full floral glory, she and the world started interacting differently. It's an important reminder that it's critical for us to share and celebrate difference.

There's so much more, but these are "show notes" and not "show encycopediae" so I'll leave you with this: listen and share this conversation far and wide, and support Christa and her work by pre-ordering her book AND ordering her record. You can find her on and you'll find links to everything we talk about in the episode when you read the full show notes here

If you loved this episode, remember to head to the MamaFuel Virtual Village to tell me what you'll keep in your heart from this conversation. Even better, leave us a review and a rating over on iTunes so as many people as possible can hear and share this conversation. Be well!

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