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EP062: Thriving after abuse: Katrina Young on building her life with self-love and empowerment

December 3, 2019

Trigger warning: domestic abuse and gaslighting

Sound quality: the sound on this episode cuts out often, but it’s such an important conversation that I’ve decided to air it anyway because done is better than perfect, and I know someone out there will need to hear this. Thanks for your patience with the sound.

When I met this week’s guest it was like meeting a human energy source. Katrina Young is a self-made woman whose background of domestic abuse has directed the course of her business and her life. 

Now a happy mama of two living safely and thriving in London, Katrina shares her experiences of abuse, how she came to realise that what she was living wasn’t healthy, and how she managed to fight back to regain her voice and her independence. I loved hearing how she’s recently been taking time to listen to herself, how that’s led her to be clearer about her boundaries and has helped her drop her people pleasing habits.

I’m inspired by Katrina’s positivity, energy and her willingness to bravely STOP and hear what her soul and her body are telling her.

If you’re in a situation of domestic abuse, please click this link to be connected to a number of organisations that exist to help. If your country isn’t listed please let us know and we’ll add a resource for your location. 

If you enjoyed this episode and would like to continue the conversation, please click here to join the MamaFuel Virtual Village. It’s a glorious place to connect to other like-minded mamas. 

If you live in any of these countries and are facing domestic abuse of any kind, please reach out to your local support organisations, some of which are listed here by country. Click the following links to learn about where you can find support in Switzerland, in the UK, the National Domestic Violence Hotline in the US and a good resource for local support in Canada, by province.

If you’d like to connect with Katrina, you’ll find her here.

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